Celebrating 100 Years


100th Anniversary Events

Friday, March 13, 2020
Visit of the Miraculous Kardiotissa Icon of the Virgin Mary

5 pm: Special Icon Veneration with those very sick
6 pm: 2nd Salutations Service with Eikona chanting
7 pm: Fr. Mark Leisure lectures about the Kardiotissa icon
7:30 pm: Eikona chanting the Paraclesis Service while priests anoint everyone with oil
8:15 pm: Choir chanting hymns to Virgin Mary during anointing
9 pm: Youth Teen Retreat

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March 13-15, 2020
A Weekend With EIKONA

Friday, March 13
7:30 pm: Eikona chanting the Paraclesis Service while priests anoint everyone with oil

Saturday, March 14

9:30 am: Retreat
9:30 am: Morning Prayers with Kardiotissa Icon
10 am: Kardiotissa Icon will depart from the church
10 am: 1st Talk by Eikona “Experiencing and Understanding Orthodox Worship and Building a Personal Prayer Life”
11 am: Break
11:15 am: 2nd Talk by Eikona sponsored by the Philoptochos Women – “Decluttering and Simplifying our Lives”
12:15 pm: Philoptochos sponsored Luncheon

5 pm: Great Vespers with Eikona chanting
5:45 pm: Wine and Lenten Appetizers
6:30 pm: Eikona Concert of Contemporary Christian Music

Sunday March, 15
8:30 am: Matins sung by Eikona
9:30 am: Divine Liturgy sung by Eikona

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Let's Celebrate
July 29, 2019
Celebrating is a fundamental characteristic of the Christian life, as well as of human life. Everyone loves to celebrate and we all look for reasons to make merry and enjoy life. Read more »

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