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February 01, 2018 -
Our ultimate goal is to connect on a deep level with our Creator, and to stay connected with Him each and every day. He is our Source of Life, our Well-Spring of Life, the Light that will guide us in our lives. Let us invite Him into our lives every day, and be filled with His Presence!


Recent Sermons
February 18, 2018 -
We cannot journey closer towards God if we are not ready to forgive one another. Lent is a time of reconciling with those from whom we have distanced ourselves. A first concrete step we should take in our Lenten journey is a step towards anyone for whom we have anger, or bitterness or hatred.


February 04, 2018 -
Mercy is opposed to justice… As a grain of sand cannot counterbalance a great quantity of gold, so in comparison God’s use of justice cannot counterbalance His mercy.


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