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Good News of Great Joy

December 25, 2017 -

Yesterday, I received a moving email which I want to share with you. As I read it, I thought about how it captures part of the spirit and meaning of Christmas. It came from a mother who lost her 18 year old daughter last January from a totally unexpected battle with mono. She writes:

I've had the worst year of my life, and yet, it has also been a year of beautiful spiritual growth… I just feel God is trying to teach me that He needs us to trust Him. We may question 'Why something bad happened to good people' but we should always remember that God loves us!  We need to believe God and His Angels are around us.  We need to do our best to be good and faithful servants to Him and each other.


God's New Name for Us

December 24, 2017 -
Names are important. They identify who we are, where we came from, whose family we are a part of. Maybe that is why Matthew begins His Gospel with a genealogy, a list of 42 names, which we read today as the beginning of the Christmas story.


Religious Spirit and Secular Spirit of Christmas

December 10, 2017 -
The secular Christmas Spirit and the religious Christmas Spirit. Two different ways of approaching Christmas, and yet maybe both have something to help us prepare for this great feast of the Church.


Giving Thanks and Giving Back

November 20, 2017 -
Fr Luke asked me to speak about “What God and the Church mean to me and why I give back to the Church.” We know WHY we are here – we come to encounter God, to pray, to ask forgiveness, to seek spiritual guidance and inspiration, and for so many other things. But do we know WHAT we are supposed to do as followers of Jesus Christ?


A Theology of Interruptions

October 29, 2017 -
Interruptions can be quite inconvenient and annoying, and yet, Jesus offers an important lesson on dealing with interruptions.


What Is Your Name?

October 22, 2017 -
“What is your name and who are you?” Let us all admit that our names also may also be “legion,” but with God’s help, we all can discover the special name He gave each of us at our creation. And this holy name is written in the Book of Life, awaiting us to claim it!


How Open Are We To See God?

October 15, 2017 -
How many of us can say we have ever seen God? Or could any say we have encountered God’s presence in some special way in our lives?


Competition vs Compassion

October 08, 2017 -
Competition v Compassion. Where do we stand when we see others? From a young age, our society cultivates and instills in us the spirit of competition. I want to do better than others. Why do they have more than me? How can I win! Our American, individualistic spirit pushes us inward toward our ego. Me against the world. The spirit of competition!


Christ's Call to Unite That Which is Divided

October 01, 2017 -
Our country is divided, and becoming more divided with each passing day. Whether it’s our politics, the latest debate of the NFL and the American flag, the proposed tax cuts or health care or simply different opinions on social issues or particular beliefs, we are a nation divided.


Are the End Times Coming?

September 10, 2017 -
Are the end times coming? We are living through unprecedented hurricanes with Harvey and Irma. We witness a massive 8.1 earthquake in Mexico. Raging wildfires in Oregon and the Northeast are threatening. Ongoing wars in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iraq, as well as many other places around the world. The unthinkable threat of nuclear disaster, especially now with North Korea. Are the end times coming?


Fallen Creation and Hurricane Harvey

September 03, 2017 -
I begin my sermon today with this introduction about how all of creation is affected by the fallen world we live in, because this past week we witnessed what the National Weather Service called an “unprecedented and beyond anything experienced” natural disaster with Hurricane Harvey. Imagine, more than 52 inches of rain falling in such a short span of time, a record for the continental United States.


How To Enter Into Life

August 27, 2017 -
“If you want to ENTER INTO LIFE, keep God’s commandments.” What type of life is Jesus talking about? Our “everyday existence” life? A normal life, filled with the typical challenges and joys, struggles and successes? A fun life? A rich life? A successful life? Or is he talking about something more, something different, something more meaningful?


How Many Times Do We Forgive Others

August 20, 2017 -
Who finds it easy to forgive someone who has really hurt you? For some forgiveness comes a little easier than for others, but for most of us, we reach a certain limit in forgiveness.


The Power of Hate vs The Power of Love

August 13, 2017 -
It’s unbelievable what happened yesterday in Virginia. White nationalists gathering with neo-Nazis chanting slogans against Jews, blacks, and anyone else different from themselves. This is not Nazi Germany in the 1930s. This is not 1960 in the deep south. This is not 1980 South African apartheid. This is the United States in 2017.


The Mountain Top Experience

August 06, 2017 -
These past weeks I took part in two special events that offered a spiritual “mountain top” experience during the summer. Last week I talked about our week in Mexico building a home for a needy family. This past week, I attended the last week of the Metropolis of Boston’s summer camp program for our youth. Mountain Top Experiences!


Radical Christians

July 30, 2017 -
Today’s heretical Christianity is a comfortable, easy Christianity. Go to church, follow some commandments, wear a cross and have a few icons, maybe even go to Project Mexico once or twice, but DON”T ALLOW CHRIST TO CHANGE OUR LIVES. Too many follow the wide and easy path, which leads to destruction, and ignore the narrow and difficult path which Christ tells us leads into the kingdom of heaven. Radical Christianity is not easy, but it is the Christianity of the saints.


God's Superheroes - Women of Faith

July 17, 2017 -
This idea of God’s superheroes, the saints, are what I want to focus on today. I’m going to use, however, the beautiful new 10-foot icon we just hung on the wall of our Church


Addictions, Demons and Redemption

July 09, 2017 -
Over the past decades the medical world has helped us understand addictions as an illness or disease that must be treated, rather than a moral failure that must be judged. Just as one wouldn’t condemn a person with diabetes, or cancer, or some other physical illness, the medical field has studied and researched substance use disorder, concluding that addictions affect and even change the brain chemistry and body make-up of an individual, and thus, need to be understood and treated in a holistic way.


What If They Don't Tell the Story

June 25, 2017 -
Our Lord is counting on us! To tell His story. To share His love. To offer a witness of the transforming power that comes through believing and following Jesus Christ.


BC and AD - All Saints Day

June 11, 2017 -
We could say that for many saints, and for many of us, there comes a clear distinction between B.C. and A.D. – a time “Before Christ” and a time “Anno Domini - In the year of our Lord.”


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December 25, 2017 -


December 24, 2017 -
Names are important. They identify who we are, where we came from, whose family we are a part of. Maybe that is why Matthew begins His Gospel with a genealogy, a list of 42 names, which we read today as the beginning of the Christmas story.


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