We warmly welcome you to the website of our Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church Family. 

The Mission of Saints Constantine and Helen Church 
is to proclaim the Good News of Salvation 
through the Orthodox Christian Faith 
for the glory of our Triune God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We are a loving community of believers who journey 
towards our Lord Jesus Christ and one another through our 

We invite all people to join us on this journey towards the Kingdom of Heaven

Through this Missions Statement, we summarize who we are as a Church, and how we strive to live our calling as the Body of Christ. We hope this website will introduce you to our ancient Orthodox Christian Faith, and our beloved Church Family. We would also like these pages to help you discover something new about our Faith.

If you are looking for a Church Family, we welcome you to come and visit us. If you are a new member of our parish, or are considering membership, these web pages will acquaint you with what our parish offers to those who give it support and sustenance. 

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God the Father, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you always!


Sunday Matins 8:30 am; 
Saturday Vespers: 

Bible Study Groups - Wednesdays 10:00-11:15am; Saturday 7am-8:15am

Alcoholics Anonymous - Sundays 7:00pm

Narcotics Anonymous - Mondays 8:30pm



March 26 - Dr. Philip Mamalakis speaking on "Parenting Towards the Kingdom: Orthodox Christian Parent Principles" following the Divine Liturgy

March 29 - 6:00pm Pre-Sanctified Liturgy and Pot-Luck Dinner with Fr. Dimitri Moraitis on "Miracles"

March 31 - 6:30pm Akathist Hymn to the Virgin Mary

April 1 - Parish Council Retreat at Hellenic College Holy Cross

April 2 - "How to Paint an Icon" Presentation by Olga Poloukhine following Divine Liturgy

April 3 - 6:30pm Great Compline

April 5 - 6:00pm Pre-Sanctified Liturgy and Pot-Luck Dinner

April 8 - 9:30am Lazarus Saturday Divine Liturgy; Making Palm Crosses and Stuffing Easter Eggs

April 9 - Palm Sunday Community Fish Luncheon following Divine Liturgy

April 9 - 6:30pm Bridegroom Service

April 10 - 6:30pm Holy Monday Bridgegroom Service

April 11 - 6:30pm Holy Tuesday Bridegroom Service

April 12 - Holy Wednesday 9:30am Pre-Sanctified Liturgy; 6:30pm Holy Unction Service

April 13 - Holy Thursday 9:30am Divine Liturgy; 6:30pm Service of the 12 Gospels

April 14 - Holy and Good Friday 9:00am Royal Hours; 2:00pm Vespers Taking Christ Down from Cross; 6:30pm Lamentations Service. Retreat for children ages 6-11 from 12:00-1:30

April 15 - Holy Saturday: 9:30am First Resurrection Service

April 15 - Holy Saturday 10:00pm Main Resurrection Service

April 16 - PASCHA - Christ is Risen!!!

April 16 - PASCHA 11:00am Easter Egg Hunt; 12:00 Vespers of Love; 1:00 Pascha Lamb and Pot-Luck Luncheon

April 17 - Bright Monday 9:00am Pascha Matins; 9:30am Divine Liturgy

April 19 - 10:00am Bible Study

April 21 - Bright Friday Lifegiving Fount- 9:30am Divine Liturgy

April 29 - 5:00-7:00pm Philoptochos Spaghetti Dinner

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A New Perspective With the Resurrection
April 16, 2017


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Monthly Bulletin
Monthly Message
March 24, 2017 -
“I wish I had not received Jesus, for He has broken my power. Christ has shattered the gates of hell, and He has raised up the souls which I have held captive!”


Recent Sermons
April 16, 2017 -
If we choose to participate, truly partake, in Christ’s Resurrection, our perspective of life radically changes! We will never remain discouraged; we will never lose hope; we will never despair; we will never allow darkness to prevail in our lives; for we know that Christ is Risen and He has defeated all darkness and evil. He has overcome sin. He has annihilated death itself! Through His resurrection, we see all of life through a joyous and victorious prism.


March 19, 2017 -
Here lies the great paradox of our Christian Faith. New life comes from dying in Christ. Abundant life comes from self-denial and sacrifice. The greatest meaning of life comes from learning to serve the other, sacrifice for the other, even die for the other.


Our Orthodox Faith
Our Faith

Special Services
At the center of the life of the Church is the Holy Eucharist, which is the principal celebration of our faith and the means through which we participate in the very life of the Holy Trinity. Learn more»