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Pentecost - A New Beginning

June 04, 2017 -
One mission is completed. Another one begins!


Submitting to God

May 21, 2017 -
Imagine being the most powerful person in the world. Now, imagine being the most powerful AND the wealthiest person in the world. Power and wealth – something people dream of, and yet, two of the most dangerous temptations for anyone who wants to live a life in Jesus Christ.


It Takes a Village

May 07, 2017 -
“It takes a village to raise a child” is an old African proverb that has been used by others in more recent times to emphasize how a child has the best chance to fulfill his/her potential when the entire community around the child gets involved.


Our Journey of Faith

April 23, 2017 -
We are all on a journey of faith. Whenever I meet someone, I never think of them in a static place of either black or white – as a believer or non-believer, as a Christian or non-Christian, as an atheist or anything else. Instead I see each person somewhere on a dynamic journey of faith.


A New Perspective With the Resurrection

April 16, 2017 -
If we choose to participate, truly partake, in Christ’s Resurrection, our perspective of life radically changes! We will never remain discouraged; we will never lose hope; we will never despair; we will never allow darkness to prevail in our lives; for we know that Christ is Risen and He has defeated all darkness and evil. He has overcome sin. He has annihilated death itself! Through His resurrection, we see all of life through a joyous and victorious prism.


The Glory of the Cross

March 19, 2017 -
Here lies the great paradox of our Christian Faith. New life comes from dying in Christ. Abundant life comes from self-denial and sacrifice. The greatest meaning of life comes from learning to serve the other, sacrifice for the other, even die for the other.


Your Sins Are Forgiven

March 12, 2017 -
“My son, your sins are forgiven.” Why would Jesus say to a man who can’t walk ‘Your sins are forgiven you?’


Forgiveness and the Beginning of Lent

February 26, 2017 -
Love, mercy and forgiveness. We must open up our hearts to receive these virtues and cultivate their spirit within our lives. As a reminder of this necessity, the Church has established the Sunday before Great Lent begins as the Sunday of Forgiveness. The Church is basically saying to us, “We cannot begin our journey towards Easter, the greatest celebration in the year, if we do not have forgiveness in our hearts.


Praying for the Dead

February 18, 2017 -
At no matter what age of life we die, we always see death as a distortion of our existence. Death portrays a horrible tragedy because it is the fruit of evil in the world. We were not created to die.


Being With the Father but Not Becoming Like the Father

February 12, 2017 -
The older son, and it’s probably the older son who represents many of us in the Church, can’t comprehend his Father’s unconditional love and mercy, his infinite forgiveness and kindness. And because of his inability to understand, the older son chooses to stand outside the feast, angry, jealousy, and self-righteous.


Learning To Pray

February 05, 2017 -
“Teach me to pray.” It seems like a simple request, since everyone says they pray. And yet, the disciples of our Lord knew that prayer wasn’t so easy.


Respecting Life

January 29, 2017 -
Mother Teresa of Calcutta offered a powerful witness to life. ‘The greatest evil in the world today is abortion,’ she would say, “because it is a war against an innocent, defenseless child. Any country or people that accept abortion are not teaching their people to love the defenseless. Instead, we are teaching them to use whatever violence is needed, to dispose of the unwanted and to fulfill their own desires.”


What is Our Identity?

January 22, 2017 -

Who are we? And how do we identify ourselves? In fact, what would we say is our primary identity in our lives? Which identity do we value most?

We’re New Englanders. We’re (or YOU are) Patriots fans. Whether we are Greek Americans, or Albanian Americans, or some other type of Americans, the important thing is we are Americans. We come from a particular family, like the Veronis family. We’re democrats or republicans, and we may identify as conservatives or liberals. And we’d also say we’re Christians, and in fact we are a unique type of Christian, Orthodox Christians.

There are many ways to identify ourselves. This past week as we inaugurated our 45th President of the United States, I thought much about our identity as Americans.


What Legacy Do We Leave Behind?

January 15, 2017 -
What we give for others lasts forever. How we serve others lasts forever. What we do in love for others lasts forever. This is the eternal legacy of Christians. It’s NOT what we did for ourselves. Or how we enriched ourselves. Or how we were all about our own family and our own loved ones. A legacy that lasts into eternity is one that is about giving to others, loving others, and especially serving those in need.


Light vs Darkness

January 08, 2017 -
Light verses Darkness. Many movies take up the theme of Good vs. Evil and they portray this battle as Light vs. Darkness. Well, this is also a very common theme we see in Holy Scriptures


Not Me Before You

January 01, 2017 -
Me Before You. It’s an interesting title of a movie that Pres. Faith and I watched the other day. Me Before You. When I saw that title, I wondered what that meant? What would the movie be about – Me Before You. It sounds quite self-centered.


The Divine Light Shining in a Dark World

December 25, 2016 -
Let’s be careful not to turn Christmas into a sentimental holiday where everything looks beautiful and false promises are made. Instead, proclaim Christmas for what it is - a radical announcement of hope in the midst of ongoing darkness.


The Meaning of Christmas

December 04, 2016 -
What is Christmas all about? If you didn’t grow up in a Christian home, come to this Church, or have parents who read you the Christmas story each year, would you know what Christmas was about all? Think about that for a moment. Would you be able to figure out what Christmas is about from what our society says during this festive season?


Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude

November 27, 2016 -
You need to have an "attitude of gratitude" an amazing prisoner shared with me. What made it even more amazing was that he was spending a life sentence in prison.


Worldly Success vs Godly Success

November 20, 2016 -
Dr. Campolo went to the podium, looking out at his audience and simply said, “How dare we ask God to give resources that He has already given us for just such a purpose!”


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June 04, 2017 -
One mission is completed. Another one begins!


May 21, 2017 -
Imagine being the most powerful person in the world. Now, imagine being the most powerful AND the wealthiest person in the world. Power and wealth – something people dream of, and yet, two of the most dangerous temptations for anyone who wants to live a life in Jesus Christ.


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